Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kinder "Pan e Cio

Found this Kinder "Pan e Cioc" in Malta, though I'm guessing it's from Italy. Anyway I am obsessed with Kinder chocolate and so whenever I see any new (to me) Kinder thing I CAN'T SAY NO!

These were all right... there was none of the typical Kinder "Milk" stuff in it though! It was like a white cake-y bread-y sandwich with a layer of chocolate cream with chocolate chips in it in the middle. The bread was pretty dry and none of it tasted that great, but they were still yummy and satisfying enough for me! 3.5

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ever since my family trip to Europe in 2006, all four of us have been OBSESSED with French macaroons. Like we spend our days hunting for places to find them in Chicago, spend our weekends trying to translate recipes from French and then perfectly recreate them in our kitchen. We've searched high and low and haven't really been able to find any that matched the amazing deliciousness of the ones we tried in Paris.....


It was like Macaroon heavennnnnnnn! First I went with Jenny into Fortnum & Mason just so that our eyes would dazzle and our mouths would water because it is like a candy chocolate tea masterpiece work of art inside that place....and I saw in the window display that they had macaroons! SOoooooooo we both decided to splurge (or as K.B. would say "splurt") on something and I just had to get myself a "jolly".... the giant macaroon that was blood orange flavored! IT EVEN HAD TWO SLICES OF BLOOD ORANGE IN IT! Ooohhh it was pretty delicious! But I will be honest, it was maybe TOO gooey/liquid-y. Delicious, but just a little too sloppy on the inside. 4!

THEN, as we were on a hunt for smoothies we came across this place called "cilantro cafe" which had smoothies and looked adorable so we went in, only to find THEY ALSO HAD GIANT MACAROONS! Completely in awe of my new found fortune, I could not say no. Jenny and I split the giant chocolate macaroon and it even came with cream on the side. And let me tell you, THIS DID NOT DISAPPOINT! It was absolutely PERFECT, just like I remember macaroons being... really crispy thin outside with chewey inside and gooey chocolate stickyness and creamy chocolate filling inside.... PERFECT I TELL YOU!! 5++++++++++

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cadbury Fudge Bar

FALSE ADVERTISING! This "Fudge" bar was such a disappointment, you have no idea :( I expected delicious chocolatey fudge when I bit into it... and what I got was some weird thing that tasted like nothing. Last time I checked, fudge was "a type of confectionery which is usually very sweet, extremely rich and sometimes flavored with cocoa". That was definitely not what I tasted :( Yeaaaaaaah it was like some bland weird pasty chewy thing that was maybe a little sweet but not really. Seriously, if it were filled with real fudge it would be the best thing EVER!! C'mon Cadbury, don't let me down like this! 0

Monday, February 2, 2009


Eh this was just ok. It was crispy things like rice crispies kind of and caramel and maybe something else I don't remember and then it was covered in chocolate. Nothing too special or all that tasty really. 3.

Hmmmm This was another thing I wanted to like. But I didn't. It was just so bizarre! It's like a chocolate bar of yummy milk chocolate but then the inside filling is still milk chocolate but it's been aerrated or something so that it's almost flaky... it's just weird and I don't really like it. Oh well! 2.5

I'm not the biggest white chocolate fan in the universe but I really liked this! It was a good size so I didn't get sick of it, and it was cute with a little dog printed on it haha. But yeah it was good nice and tasty white chocolate, simple as that. It maybe tasted a little chemical-y but eh I don't mind I guess! 3.5


So I have severely neglected this blog even though I have definitely not neglected eating chocolate. At all. So here is part 1 or a 2 part mega update! Enjoy.

First the Cadbury Freddo bar. How cute is it that it's even shaped like a frog for real! It's basically a milk chocolate frog shaped thing with nice delicious caramel inside. And it's the gooey kind, not the super thick chewy kind of caramel. Yummm. These are super good and I'm definitely going to get more.... lucky they're cheap because they;re kinda tiny! 4 for the Freddo bar! Cadbury can probably do no wrong.

Ok I SOOOOOO wanted this to be amazingly delicious. I love chocolate and caramel together even though I don't really like caramel all that much. But I was really let down by this :( Tragic, I know. It was still GOOD, but the caramel wasn't gooey it was kinda thick and.... more dry? If that makes sense? I don't know. I'll definitely go for the Freddo's over this any day. 3.

FRUIT AND NUT BARS. ARE. MY NEW. OBSESSION. I'm not going to lie... I've had them with my breakfast like 4 times already. I crave them all the time! I can't stop eating them! I buy them in bulk! Not really but I would if I could. They are amazinggggg and I don't know why, it's not like they're anything too special. They're just regular dairy milk with raisins and almonds in it but for some reason it is like..... unbelievably addictingly delicious. I can't get enough. These things will clog my arteries and drain my wallet and I won't even care. 5!!!

I saw this at ASDA and basically I think I wanted to buy it because 1, I recognized it was Polish and I was proud of myself, and 2 I was hoping maybe the creamy looking stuff would be like the Kinder milky stuff. WRONG. This was disappointing. The creamy middle stuff reminded me of something I can't place, probably some Polish candy I used to eat when I was little, I don't know. But I didn't really like the taste of it and I didn't even finish eating it--shocking, I know. 1.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cadbury Dairy Milk

THIS CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST CHOCOLATE EVER! Hershey's has NOTHING on Dairy Milk. Nothingggggggg. Just when I thought maybe I was getting sick of plain old milk chocolate, these amazing gifts from heaven come along. Thank you, Cadbury, for making dairy milk. It's like Hershey's but ten thousand times better, it doesn't taste like chemicals at all, it just tastes chocolate-y and deeeeeeelicious. Amazing!